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Moroccan Tan - Nights

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Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, Moroccan Tan helps to moisturise the skin.  It's streak free, oil free and organic.  This tan helps hydrate the skin which results in longer lasting tans.  Moroccan Tan Nights is a slow developing tan which means if you're not in a hurry you can sit in it for longer.

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Moroccan Tan - Accelerated

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MoroccanAccelerated delivers the darkest and most intense finish within the MoroccanTan range. Ultra bronzers, boosted melanin tanning technology and a 48 hour hydration complex ensures the skin receives a continuous surge of hydration, resulting in healthy, luminous and protected skin. Organic Rose Absolute - Originating from Morocco, this soothing super oil contains high amounts of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect skin cells from damage. The natural oils found in roses help refine, tone and balance skin texture, delivering a rejuvenated, smooth and glowing complexion. This is our express tan for those you in a hurry and wanting to be dark within 5hrs

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