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Eyelash Lift Treatment Services Balcatta, Perth

Meaghan the owner of Fallen Angel Beauty & Hair is the Lash Lift Artist. She has been providing Eyelash Lift Treatment Services Balcatta, Perth for four years now, she is outgoing and very passionate about lovely lashes and pleasing her customers.

Perming lashes has been around since the 90’s. Since then the method has been updated from a foam/spongy rod to a silicone rod, this updated method makes the results last longer, resulting in the lashes being lifted. Fallen Angel Beauty & Hair use Elleebana which was established in Australia 2 years ago.


Elleebana uses silicone rods instead of the traditional perming rollers to give more of a curling effect from the base of the eyelash, it requires little maintenance and has a lasting result. It involves boosting and lifting each individual eye lash. With a lash lift you will have naturally perfectly looking curly lashes without having to lay on a bed for 2 hours. A simple and affordable treatment that lasts up to 6 – 8 weeks. You can have the treatment repeated after 8 weeks to lift the new hair growth.


If you are looking to nurse damaged eyelashes back to health, the good news is a lash lift can actually help you.
Lash curlers and the act of scrubbing off mascara every night is damaging to natural lashes. With an eyelash lift, you can avoid all of that and let your lashes grow long, strong and healthy again.


Brighten your eyes with a simple tint on top of your amazing lash lift. Make your eye’s stand out with the new and improved way of perming. You won’t need to use mascara after an eye lash lift and tint, your eye lashes will look longer, curlier and darker after a lash lift and tint and it takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes. An eye lash lift with tint typically lasts for four to 6 weeks, depending on how long your eyelashes grow.


What is a lash lift ?

A lash lift is a perm for your lashes that shapes them into the perfect eye-opening curl. It is often paired with a lash tint to make lashes stand out even more.

How should I take care of my lash lift ?

  • do not get lashes wet and avoid using product on them, leave untouched for 24 hours.
  • remove makeup gently with a non-oily remover.
  • gently brush your lashes daily with a lash brush.
  • do not use mascara for at least 48 hours after the treatment.
  • use a minerals mascara with natural fibres for the best finish.
  • avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • if you have eyelash extensions, they will need to be removed three days before your lash lift.

Is a lash lift a painful procedure?

No, a lash lift is not painful, unlike lash extensions which can be uncomfortable and cause irritation after and can leave your lashes thin and brittle and shorter after.

Is a lash lift better than eyelash extensions?

Yes, with a lash lift your natural lashes are enhanced to look longer, because they are curled up. Extensions provide a similar effect, but with lifts, you don’t have to worry about heavy, clumpy lashes. Elleebana products include vitamin A which strengthen the natural lashes.


We care about our customers

Price List 2
Standard Bikini
Full Leg - Female
This includes both legs
Extended Bikini
3/4 Leg
Hot Wax Only
First Time Brazilian (including butt crack)
First Time Brazilian (including butt cheeks)
Upper Leg
Brazilian (including butt crack)
Brazilian w/ shape
Lower Leg
Brazilian (including butt cheeks)
This means your gluteus maximus
5-6 Weeks Growth Brazilian
Full Arm - Female
This includes both arms
Pregnant Brazilian (including butt crack)
First Time Pregnant Brazilian
Female Butt Cheeks & Crack
3/4 Arm
Lip, Chin, Side Face, Under Chin, Nostrils
$25 each
Half Arm - Female
Underarm - Female
Full Body Wax - Female
From the neck down, does not include face
Pregnant Full Body Wax
First Time Manzilian
First Time Manzilian (including butt cheeks)
Full Arm - Male
This includes both arms
Manzilian (including butt cheeks)
This means your gluteus maximus
Half Arm - Male
B,C & S (including butt cheeks)
Male Butt Cheeks & Crack
Nostrils & Ears
$25 each
Male Eyebrow Shape
Female Eyebrow Shape
Face - Male
This means your beard
Neck - Male
Clipper Work
Underarm - Male
Full Leg - Male
This includes both legs
Full Body Waxing - Male
From the neck down

Our services

We believe our work speaks for itself. Get acquainted with our salon experience below.


We offer a range of hair removal services, including: waxing eyebrows, bikini line, underarms, just to name a few but our speciality is Brazilian waxing.

Eyelash Lift

Nurse damaged eyelashes back to health. At Fallen Angel Beauty and Hair we use Elleebana Lash Lifting product it is a semi-permanent treatment.


Spray tanning is the easiest and safest way to get a natural looking tan, it's a great alternative for those who are sun conscious or busy individuals, that want to get a nice glowing bronze as soon as possible.

Cosmetic Tattooing

It’s a semi-permanent treatment that can give you beautifully full eyebrows with a microblade or flawless eyeliner by putting pigment into the first few layers of skin.

Skin Treatments

BB Glow is a safe treatment that allows you to achieve glowing, radiant, pore-less looking skin. Here at Fallen Angel Beauty and Hair we use Stayve, which is plant based and an animal cruelty free product.