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In your head, WAXING, whether at home or in a studio, probably just sounds torturous.

Many salons do not offer this service, but there is a high demand now for male waxing.
Meaghan can do an all over wax or a back, crack and sack wax.
Getting an all over wax is completely safe for men, provided that you go to a hygienic and professional waxing salon. Fallen Angel Beauty and Hair take every step for a hygienic, sanitised consultation. Waxing for men can be an awkward experience but with Meaghan’s chilled and funny personality it allows you to leave your awkwardness at the front door.
Once you have been a couple of times you will love the result and any awkwardness will be forgotten. Our staff pride themselves on being completely professional and caring for each and every client.


In order to make the process more enjoyable we at Fallen Angel Beauty & Care salon have the following suggestions –
● if possible, have a warm shower before your hair waxing appointment to open up those pores.
● exfoliate before your appointment to help prevent ingrown hairs.
● avoid gels, moisturisers and lotions before your wax as it may interfere with hair removal.
● Avoid tanning 24 hours before waxing.
● Allow two – three weeks hair growth before your appointment to obtain the best waxing result.


● Commando all the way baby!! Any chance you get, get that underwear OFF!! Best feeling about being waxed is the freeness you feel afterwards.
● Exfoliate with exfoliating gloves 2-3 times a week. For those tough hairs you should definitely look at exfoliating every day. BUT don’t exfoliate straight away, leave the exfoliation 5days after your appointment.
● Try not to wear restrictive clothing all the time. This means jeans, leggings, lycra, etc.


● Long term hair removal. Waxing removes all the hair including the root which decreases the rate in which the hair speed grows.
● No cuts or skin damage. The most common occurrence with shaving is all those nasty cuts.
● Your skin will stay smoother for longer.
● Healthy hair growth.
● Almost painless hair removal.
● Waxing is rarely itchy.
● Fast and convenient process.
● Yes, waxing is a very safe method of hair removal, however if you have any doubts please speak to your waxologist who will gladly answer any queries.
● The more you wax the less pain you will experience each appointment.


We care about our customers

Price List
Standard Bikini
Full Leg
This includes both legs
Extended Bikini
3/4 Leg
First Time Brazilian
Upper Leg
Lower Leg
Brazilian (including butt cheeks)
This means your gluteus maximus
Full Arm
This includes both arms
Pregnant Brazilian
3/4 Arm
Lip, Chin, Side Face, Under Chin, Nostrils
$25 each
Half Arm
From the neck down, does not include face
Lash & Brow Tint
$25 each

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